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Thinking in Movement Studio

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Kelvin Ho
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Name of instructor:

  • Katarina Halm

CTF Certification

  • Level 3 - Senior Instructor

Tai chi styles taught or practiced

  • 5-section, 24 Peking Forms

Other curriculum taught or practiced

  • Feldenkrais

Current class and workshop calendar Studio Calendar Location where classes are held Thinking in Movement Studio City where classes are held

  • Vancouver

School email contact


School phone number

  • 604-263-9123

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Alfo Humano
Alfo Humano
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* Thinking In Movement Studio AFFILIATE Link ~ May 6-10, 2023 Feldenkrais Method® Summit. 5 Days: * 5 Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons for a total of $10 with 24-hour replay capability for each lesson; * Upgrade to 10 Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons for $27 with unlimited lifetime access for all lessons. Please click the Link to learn more. This post contains an affiliate link, and I may receive compensation if you register for the event.

With appreciation and devotion to learning, Katarina

Thinking In Movement Studio Katarina Halm, M.A. Focusing CFT, Feldenkrais® GCFP Movement Intelligence Trainer Sounder Sleep System™ Assistant Trainer 1 604 263 9123 (Vancouver BC, Canada) June 2, 2023: Focusing Facilitators as the New Educators and Leaders

* The terms Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement, and Functional Integration are registered service marks in Canada of the FELDENKRAIS GUILD of North America (FGNA)


Name of instructor: Katarina Halm CTF Certification ...


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