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Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Toronto

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Instructor: Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu ( Eddie) Style : Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Curriculum: Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Course of Study Syllabus For All Levels Beginners:

  • Wu's Tai Chi Chuan - full set of 108 Forms

  • Tai Chi Chuan Basic Principles

  • 5 Warm-up Exercises

  • Basic Tai Chi Walking (forward & backward)

  • Basic Push Hands (Joint Hands)


  • Basic Push Hands

  • 9-Palace, Circular 9-Palace

  • Break-fall training

  • Power Generation (Fa jing):Loose Fist, Elbow, An

  • Application:

    • Grasp Bird's Tail

    • Needle at Sea Bottom

    • White Crane Spread Wing

    • Cloud Hand

    • Single Lotus

    • Double Lotus

  • Form Refinement


  • Free-style Push Hands

  • Roll-Elbow Push Hands

  • Circular Push Hands

  • Ta-Lu Push Hands

  • Eight Elements of Power Generation

  • Four Methods of Application

  • Advanced applications

  • Form Refinement

Weapons Class

  • Tai Chi Broad Sword

  • Tai Chi Sword

  • Tai Chi Spear

Number of members: 35 Year the school or group began: 1975 Address

245 Carlaw Avenue Suite 600 Toronto, Ontario M4M 2S1 Canada


The Toronto Academy Executive Committee
  • Doug Collins

  • Dave Robert

  • Evonne Tan

  • Grandmaster Eddie Wu

  • Sifu Jonathan Krehm

  • Sifu Paul Dempsey

The Executive Committee and all the instructors of the Academy are dedicated to teaching the principles of Tai Chi Chuan as laid down in the classics. With a collective tai chi experience of over 175 years, the team provides the academy members with Tai Chi Chuan learning as developed by the Wu Family. Academy instructors are disciples of Grandmaster Eddie Wu and have been certified by Grandmaster Eddie Wu as Chair of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation. For our worldwide list of certified instructors, please go to ;

Chief Instructor: Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu Deputy Chief Instructor: David Robert Executive Committee and senior instructors:

  • President: Jonathan Krehm

  • Vice-President Marketing:Evonne Tan

  • Vice-President, Operations: Doug Collins

  • Vice-President, Public Relations: Paul Dempsey

    • Assisting instructors:

    • Cleaver Barnes

    • Heidi McKenzie

    • Ursula Bagnell

    • Jim Cook

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    Instructor : Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu ( Eddie) wus...
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