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Wu's Tai Chi Chu'an Academy, Frederickton

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October 4, 2021 · changed the group description.

Name of instructor

  • Martin Kennedy and Mary Kennedy

Instructors' lineage:

  • Disciples of Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu and fully certified Wu Style Tai Chi Chu’an Instructors

Tai chi styles taught or practised :

  • Wu

Curriculum taught or practised Full curriculum of Wu Style Tai chi chu’an including:

  • 108 standard Hand Form,

  • 54 form for Competition,

  • sword form

  • saber form

  • spear form

  • meditation

  • Chi Kung

  • Also a number of morning exercise classes intended for seniors 50+

Location where classes are held 328 King Street Fredricton Province

  • New Brunswick

School phone number:

  • 1-888-450-8889 or (506) 450-8889

School Website (link)

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    Name of instructor Martin Kennedy and Mary Kennedy Instr...
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