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The Wushu Centre

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Name of instructor:

  • Andrea Falk

Instructor's lineage:

  • Huan Dahai, Li Baohua, Di Guoyong, Xia Bohua

Other certification:

  • Beijing University of Physical Education

Tai chi styles taught or practised:

  • Chen

Curriculum taught or practised:

  • Chen yilu, taijichanquan.

  • Also, Gilbert Ethier teaches Chen Zhenglei's Chen taijiquan, Laojia yilu, sword.

Other programs:

MaGui bagua from Li Baohua. Xingyi.

Year of inception:

  • 1983

Location where classes are held: 880 Père Marquette City where classes are held:

  • Quebec


  • QC

School phone number:

  • 418-906-9762


Name of instructor: Andrea Falk Instructor's lineage:...
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