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Instructor: Kevin Heckendorn(1), Chuck Stratton, Jennie Brown

Lineage: (1)Sam Masich, Ed Cooper, Dr. David Bray.

CTF Certification: Level 3 - Senior Instructor

Styles: Yang Style, and 5 Section Taiji (Sam Masich) Curriculum: Yang Style:

  • Taijiquan--108 movement Tai Chi

  • Taiji Sanshou--88 Partner Tai Chi

  • Taijijian-- 54 Tai Chi Sword

  • Taijidao--Tai Chi Sabre

5 Section Tai chi (short forms):

  • Solo and partner Taijiquan

  • Solo and partner Tai Chi Sword

  • Solo Chen style Tai Chi

Year of inception

  • 1993

Location: 11 Briscoe Street West (inside rear building / Memorial Hall in the Church of the Epiphany) London, Ontario Email: London Taiji Quan Website: School phone number:

  • 519-434-6832 Kevin

  • 519-266-6152 Chuck

Workshops are offered throughout the year including visiting teachers. In the warmer weather we offer outdoor Tai Chi classes.


Instructor : Kevin Heckendorn(1), Chuck Stratton, Jennie Bro...
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