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Kelowna Tai Chi Chuan

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Name of instructor:

  • Kathy Ennis

Instructor's lineage

  • Jerry Jessop

CTF Certification

  • Level 2 - Senior Associate Instructor

Tai chi styles taught or practiced

  • Yang

Curriculum taught or practiced

  • Qigong

  • Yang 24 Short form

  • Yang 108 Long Form

  • Fan Form

  • Tai Chi Ruler Form

  • Sword (Not currently offered)

  • Sabre (Not currently offered)

  • Cane (Not currently offered)

Other programs

  • Sitting Qigong / Tai Chi for Persons with Disabilities


  • 2005

Location where classes are held

Parkinson Recreation Centre, Kelowna BC Westbank Community Hall, Westbank BC

Cities where classes are held

  • Kelowna, Westbank


  • British Columbia

School phone number:

  • Rec. Centre Registration 250-469-8800


Name of instructor: Kathy Ennis Instructor's lineage Jerr...
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