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Cold Mountain Internal Arts

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Instructor: Steve Higgins

Lineage: Dr. Shen Zaiwen, Grandmaster Jou Tsung Hwa, Master Sam Masich, Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo, Gao Haibin

CTF Certification: Level 3 - Senior Instructor

Other Certification: Certified Instructor of the Old Yang Middle Frame

Style: Yang, Old Yang Middle Frame, Xin, Chen, Cold Mountain Long Fist Curriculum: Yang Family Large and Middle Frames, Flying Rainbow Taiji Fan, Yang Family Taiji Sabre and Sword, Chen Family 1st and 2nd (Cannon Fist) routines (Beijing Style), Cold Mountain Long Fist, Extensive Qigong curriculum (classical and TCM) Inception: 1989

Location: The Cedars Community Centre, Waterloo; Calvin Presbyterian Church, Kitchener City: Kitchener-Waterloo Province: Ontario Phone: (519)240-7694 Website:


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  • October 4, 2021


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