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Centre de tai chi de Gilles-Vaillant

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Name of instructor:

  • Réal Lalande

Email address:


Web Site:


Tai chi styles taught or practised:

  • Yang style tai chi: Sam Masich's 5 Section forms (bare hands, sword and two-person forms); 24 Simplified form; 108 traditional form; Yang style traditional 54 sword

Other programs: Neigong and qigong Number of members:

  • 60

Year of inception:

  • 1998

Location where classes are held: 109 rue Wright, local 110 City where classes are held:

  • Gatineau


  • QC

Other details:

  • We are located in Gatineau, Québec but we are serving both the Ottawa and Gatineau communities.

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    Name of instructor: Réal Lalande Email address: lal...
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